Category: projects

  • Mattia


    Mattia cast iron cookware was developed for the cookware startup brand FABINI. It is commanded by a strong and simple visual language and integration of brand assets. A modern and contemporary take on a traditional material. Collaborators:Natálie NavrátilováDavid OndroušekSára RašovskáKateřina Pravdová Photo:Filip Švácha

  • Lucca 2.0

    Lucca 2.0

  • Intersection of cultures

    Intersection of cultures

    Diploma work at UMPRUM focusing on finding the meaning behind cultural identity and inspiration.

  • Warinuri


    A set of disposable waribashi chopsticks painted with urushi lacquer.

  • Fority


    Set of borosilicate glass cooking pots.

  • Sokui


    Collection of mirrors combining wood and stainless steel with rice glue.

  • Nokoring


    Jewellery from leftover brass strips.

  • Anami


    Stainless steel bottle opener from sheet metal.

  • Amnesty


    The trophy for the Best Human Rights movie awarded by Amnesty International at the Febio Fest Film Festival in Prague. The form is referencing barbed wire which is both associated with human rights oppresion and the Amnesty International logo. Collaboration: Erik Bartoš